Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ways to pass the time

This is baby crack. The boys and I have been sucked on there for the last few days. We start to play and all of the sudden, it's been 3 hours.

Baby crack, I tell ya. Consider yourselves warned.

Sunday, April 22, 2007




Wednesday, April 18, 2007

No words

Such tragedy. Such heartbreak. Such a waste.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Do you know how hard it is to be taken seriously in a meeting while you're wearing a Scooby Doo bandaid on your finger?

I'm just sayin.

Note to self: Buy grown up bandaids at the store.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Too many jelly beans.

Too much egg salad.

Too much ham left over.

But most of all, too many darn jelly beans.


Sunday, April 08, 2007

My weekend. IN PICTURES!

Can I get a woo-hoo? This weekend has been interesting, to say the least.

Let's do I begin...I guess Friday is a good enough place to start, huh?

It has been an amazingly beautiful weekend weather wise. We went to the park on Friday afternoon and the boys hung out.

We were with Andrea and the girls (but of course) and then we went to their house for BBQ and bonfire. Spring in Montana!

Can anyone tell me what the heck this is? Roy's mom swears it's a dog but I'm just not too sure.

We got a little bit bored after marshmallows so Roy pulled some fun out of the closet. Oooh, that sounded dirty...

Yesterday was sunny and warm again and off we went to a giant easter egg hunt at some friend's house.

There were 3000 eggs hidden on their land. There were about 200 kids. You do the math. Each kid had an overabundance of eggs. Nothing like spoiling them rotten!

It kind of went downhill from there. Little Boy has been sick off and on for the last 5 weeks. He's had tonsillitis and ear infections two times and two rounds of antibiotics. He started acting a little bit off on Wednesday. Not wanting to play with his friends, whiny, clingy, etc. He seemed to be warm occasionally but I had never actually checked his temperature. After the hunt, he got super tired and really hot. He wouldn't turn his neck and was saying his eyes hurt. When we got home, we took his temp and it was 102.4. We gave him tylenol and put him down for a nap. 45 minutes later Joe checked it again. He was sleeping so Joe used it under his arm (remember, you have to add a degree to the temp you get). He was at 104.9. 106 degrees for a 4 year old is really not a good thing. Joe called his mom (a retired nurse) and, after talking to her, off we went to the E.R. By the time we got there, the tylenol had kicked in and it was down to 103.8.

His eyes still were hurting and they were worried about meningitis because he wouldn't move his neck. Flu test, strep test and a chest x-ray were where we started.

He was perking up little by little. Joe did a great job entertaining him. He's a good dad.

He thought the x-ray machine was fun. This picture cracks me up. After much time and a now very perky boy, we found out he has strep. So this is 3 times in 5 weeks that he's on antibiotic. We have an appointment with his pediatrician on Tuesday. I am thinking we'll be getting tonsils out soon. Poor kid.

We still had a bunch of people over to watch UFC last night.

This is a horrible picture but it shows our evening. Our very very buzzed evening.

Today started early with me singing at church. We had Roy and Andrea over for dinner and did egg hunts in the back yard.

Now I'm sleepy. And you're bored with reading. So I'm done.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Where I've been lately

Impromptu dinner dates with the guy who makes me giggle kinda rock a little bit.

And so did that GIANT bottle of Chimas Ale. Oh so yummy.

I have a post brewing about my bio-dad and how my relationship with him and who he was has affected my entire life. We'll see if I can ever get it down on paper. More ale will help with that, I'm sure.