Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I think he had it right the first time

Little Boy was on the phone with my mom today and this is what I overheard.

"Mimi, could you please pray for my daddy? He has the issues...Oh, I mean the sneezes."

Oh Little Boy, you so had it right the first time.

Friday, January 04, 2008

It just doesn't seem to end

I'm so tired of Little Boy being sick. I'm so tired of not being taken seriously by doctors because "the best judge of how a child is feeling is how he behaves". I'm so tired of holding my child while he cries because he has pain in his stomach...his hands...his legs. I'm so tired of looking at him and seeing that he's losing weight. Seeing his sick eyes. Worrying over him while he sleeps 14-18 hours a day. A day. He was my baby who didn't sleep. I would pray for rest when he was younger. And now he's just tired all the time.

I finally found someone who takes me semi-seriously. Semi. They still think I'm slightly crazy and/or making things sound worse than they really are. They think he might have pancreatitis. In addition to celiac. In addition to the possibility of even more food allergies. I don't know. We are taking a wait and see approach with him. I don't know. He's lost 10 pounds. He's down to 34 pounds. He's 5 1/2.

Don't tell him but I'm scared.