Monday, July 07, 2008

And it's a wrap. Well...wrap-ish...

Very quick update. Had my post-op appointment today. Pathology reports came back as moderate pre-cancer throughout the endometrium and S.D. Dr. is comfortable in waiting and seeing at this point. Have blood work scheduled every 4 weeks for the forseeable (is that a word?) future. She said that she would actually be surprised if I was feeling better yet. The anemia is so much to overcome that it is going to take my body a long time. It just sucks. Now that we've removed the mass that was getting the blood, it should start to resolve.

I feel ok about it. Kinda eh. Still in such a state of limbo and I hate that.

Oh well. Nothing I can do about it. This is how it is.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Long time no post.

I kinda just took off on ya'll, didn't I? Sorry about that. I'm actually doing really well. While the surgery was NOT fun, I'm glad i did it.

Recovery was about like I expected it was going to be. I was so sick on Wednesday. I just don't do well with being put under general. I woke up in pain and the nurse immediately started trying to get me to drink coffee. I hadn't been able to have any in the morning and she said that was why my head hurt. The absolute LAST thing I wanted was coffee. She was very stupid. There was a mixup in my chart and she was under the impression that I had pain pills at home already. I was trying to convince her otherwise and she kept yelling at me that she couldn't give me more, that I had them at home. I had just woken up and wasn't making a very good case for myself. When they finally let Joe back he took her into the hallway and told her that she WOULD be fixing the problem, we WOULD be getting my prescription and we WOULD be getting a new nurse. My hero. I couldn't understand why we had a new nurse and why she was so incredibly nauseatingly sweet. Now I know why.

We went home and I went to my bed and stayed there. Little Boy was extremely freaked out about me. My mom had told him that I was having surgery (who the hell knows why she did that) and she kept bringing him to my room to see me. I was throwing up pretty constantly so he kept getting more and more afraid. If he wakes up and comes into my room, he always is my velcro boy. Right by my side. I woke up about an hour after he went to bed and he was curled up on the floor at the foot of my bed with one hand reaching up and lying right beside my toe. It was the saddest thing. It's taken him all weekend to realize that I'm ok and to be confidant in that.

They took the entire endometrium and Squishy Danielle and sent it off to pathology. I should get those results on Monday. There was a big debate about whether or not I was strong enough to make it through the surgery. With no blood loss whatsoever, my numbers had dropped again. From 9.5 to 8.2. It was decided that it was more important to remove Squishy.

So that's where we are. Still waiting. Still not knowing anything. Still oh so very tired all the time. I'm back at work now and actually hurting more than I did all weekend. I think the constant movement that I do at my desk is aggravating the scar tissue. Who knows.

I'm just really ready to feel better.