Friday, September 08, 2006

September 11 Memorial

I know that there are going to be a ton of memorials happening over the next week or so but this is my way to do my part. I will never ever forget that day. Sitting on the couch in disbelief...completely unable to comprehend what was really going on.

But for me, I was not directly affected. I did not have to wake up the next day without the love of my life. I did not have to look out my windows at rubble and smell the smoke. Because of this, I am taking part in a project that is taking each victim and assigning it to a single blogger who will in turn post a memorial on their blog about that person. Its amazing, and they still need bloggers to help!

The victim that I have been assigned is Sheila Hein. In the meantime, Go Sign Up to honor someone yourself!

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