Saturday, February 23, 2008

So I remember...

As of today, we are on day number 10 of antibiotic. We are also on day number 10 of fever over 102. Day number 10 of no appetite. Day number 10 of listlessness when the motrin wears off. Day number 10 of being forced to drink anything. And as an added bonus? Day number 10 has brought intense vomiting.

Why is it that the new dr. wouldn't listen to me on Thursday but listened to my husband today? Is it because they both have penis'? Because, really, when my husband has to turn to me to ask me every question, shouldn't I just be the one asked in the first place? Why is it that it took my child losing another 4 pounds for them to take us seriously? And why is it that when your child ends up with iv tubes all over their body, it hurts you so much worse than if you were the one getting stuck?

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Well-heeled mom said...

I hope they figure this out soon. You would think a child losing that kind of weight would alert any M.D. without the parent's bringing it to their attention. My god.