Saturday, November 22, 2008

A meme to warm your cockles by.

What does that saying mean? I've never really known but it's always struck me as funny. What is a cockle? The places my brain takes's just not right.

So I've been tagged. Which is good. It's an easy way to chase the cobwebs out of my mind and get down to the serious business of blogging the holidays in Montana. With my family. And my inlaws. And the joy of combining them all together. Really not enough alcohol in the world to make it pleasant.

The sexy Dawn over at Punch Drunk has tagged me. By name even! She said it was nothing personal, that it all was how I fell in her flickr contact list but, DAMN, you should have seen the way she was talking to me! She's straight up mean!

And away we go...

Go to your sixth picture folder

Select the sixth picture

Tell the story behind the picture

And here’s what I found:

OK, first of all, I don't follow directions well. I recently got a new laptop and it only has 3 photo folders on it as of yet. So I went to flickr. I picked the most appealing set (the random one) and picked the 6th photo in it.

This picture was taken in 2006. Right after Thanksgiving, actually. We (this is my husband and I, just in case someone doesn't know) were out at my parents house sledding and looking for a Christmas tree to cut down. This was an arms length photo that I took of us right after a sledding run. It was a very good day.

There's the fluff of this meme. Here's the dirt. This was before my husband started drinking again. This was before I started having any medical issues. This was not too long after Little Boy was diagnosed Celiac and we were so happy to just have a healthy little boy for the first time. Mancub was 13. And shorter than me. Those were the good ol' days. Since starting this I've been racking my brain, trying to come up with a time since then that I was happy and felt that my marriage was healthy. And I can't.

So there it is. And since this is not quite the happy fluffy meme I was hoping for, I'm only going to tag one person.

Because Aunt Becky totally called me out, yo.

Aunt Becky, You're on.


DD said...

One word describes how you must feel when you see that picture:


I thought life was supposed to get easier as we get older?

Nic said...

That is an incredible picture. Sucks that so much shit has happened since then.