Friday, June 09, 2006

So much better.

This is just oh so much prettier than it was this morning! And to think that Zoot created this all by herself! She is obviously a way more smart girl than I.

I was never any good at keeping a journal with any regularity. I would find myself writing writing writing and then just stop. I would go back later but could never remember what all my cryptic initials stood for. I had an older brother so I couldn't just lay it all out there. This feels different. As of right now, there is absolutely nobody reading it. And even if I get found, no one IRL will get the URL so I should be safe. Safe-ish. As safe as you could be putting your thoughts and feelings on the world wide web.

I feel like I'm coming late to the party. Jumping on the blog-wagon when others might be bailing off. But so far? It feels really good just to have somewhere to talk.


Elle said...

Ah, when you comment, you get readers my dear one. Thanks for the de-lurk!

Ginny said...

Ah hell. Some of us old-timer-bloggers are still blogging despite readers or lack of. Welcome to the blogosphere!