Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stupid work interfering with blogging.

Wow, reading back over that last post all I can say is...ummm...what? I didn't make so much sense. Beer will do that to you.

Been busy at work this week. My boss is going on vacation starting tomorrow so he's in full time panic must get everything done oh my gosh will the station fall down around their ears if i walk out the door mode. So it's been a bit busy.

First week of summer vacation for teenage boy. He's working at our church at Adventure Kids Kamp. It makes it easier for little boy if someone is there with him to make sure he's not eating anything he's not supposed to be. Oh, have I never mentioned yet? Little boy has Celiac disease. His little body cannot tolerate anything that has gluten in it. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, oat, barley, etc. It makes for a very interesting diet consisting of lots of rice and corn. PB & J on a rice cake is his favorite meal!

So when other kids are around and there are snacks involved, it has the potential to be very bad for little boy. He really understands his diet well (for a four year old) but the little nuances he doesn't get. For example, they have a popcorn mix at kids kamp that has goldfish crackers mixed in. Because they are in there, he cannot eat that popcorn. He wouldn't understand that part though. I can't even use the same spoon to stir his pasta as I do ours. He's very sensitive too. And when he's reacting? Holy Hyper Batman.

But I digress. (I have always wanted to use that statement!) Teenage boy is helping out and is in charge of 15 four and five year olds. And he's enjoying it!!

Or maybe he's just pretending to enjoy it so I will stop making fun of him for playing with the little kids. I'm evil like that.