Friday, July 06, 2007

It only takes One, right???

We've got our first showing this morning! Woot! The market up here has just been very very odd. Summertime is when real estate is supposed to just move in Montana but it hasn't been. And to make it worse, people are listing their houses for way under market because they want to sell quickly. So they're driving the market down.

Could you blame someone if they daydreamed of fire bombing those houses? Not that I have or anything. Nope, not me.

The people that are looking at our house today are from out of state. They are looking at 10 houses today and we are first on the list. I'm hoping that that is good for us. "They" say that you really only remember the first and the last and that by the middle of the day, minds are usually made up. Plus, we are experiencing a freaky heat wave and most homes up do not have central air. Why would they? It's Montana! Right now (at 7:50 am) it's only 68 degrees so by 9:00, I'm hoping our house will still be cool from last night. I made cookies this morning and so the house smells really good. It's clean. I left the cookies on the counter with a sign asking them to please help themselves.

Really good chocolate chip cookies are worth $239,500, right?



DD said...

When I'm PMSing, I'll pay twice that for some good cookies.

Robin said...

Well, how'd it go? Man, if someone had left us chocolate chip cookies when we were looking, it totally would have swayed my opinion. Seriously. That and maybe a bottle of wine? Heh.

BTW-I'm back to living normal hours...yay! Sign on woman!

Well-heeled mom said...

Man I wish I was in Bozeman so I could bake cookies to sell my house. Well, at least it's empty now, and since it's small, the fact that we had too much stuff won't make it seem even smaller.

The same thing is going on with the market there.

One couple is wavering between my house and one other. Please, pick me!