Monday, August 06, 2007

A whole month later

Well, it didn't sell. And that is the only showing we have had on it. I'm just pretty done with the whole thing, I think. There's just too much else going on right now to be too concerned about it. I'm just annoyed. I'm weepy. Best Friend made a really stupid comment to me last night about Little Boy. She says she was only kidding but it was just one of those comments that make me want to snatch my kids tighter to me and run away from everyone with them. Really dumb. But I'm still reeling from it. I just thought that I could trust that she loved my boys as much as I love her girls. It just sucks.

Not helping is that I'm hormonal. Yeah! (and...sorry to any men that might still be reading this...Hi Slinger!) so I'm way more whiny and sensitive than normal. Gotta love being a girl.

Montana burns. Have you seen that? Where I live is literally surrounded by fires that are all moving very quickly towards my town. Towns have been evacuated as close as 40 miles from us. It seems like a lot but really, it's not. One fire started at 10 acres burned on Friday night and by last night, there were over 18,000 acres burned. It's insane. The air is so smoky up here that you can't see the mountains. I took some pictures last weekend that I'll upload later. It's like watching snow fall with the ash. Air quality stinks. They are getting ready to shut down the woods completely. We were supposed to go camping this weekend but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. We couldn't have a fire but we were still going to go out. We'll see what happens.

So tell me...what do you do when you get sensitive about your kids? Do you avoid the person that made you feel that way? Do you look at your child and start to see them as the other person does? Do you wrap your arms around them and take them far, far away? I need some advice here, people. Unfortunately, this isn't just some random person. This is one of the people that I spend most of my time with.


Well-heeled mom said...

See, I hold grudges for a long time. So not only would I not speak to her, it would last waaayyy tooooo looongg. Not that I think that's what you should do - it's just me.

Our house is getting shown 2 to 3 times per week. Only nobody can get a loan to buy it. What's worse? Not showing it at all or nobody qualifying? Sucks either way.

DD said...

So she said she was just kidding. Obviously she knows she put her foot in her mouth (god, what did she say? I'm almost afraid to ask).

If you believe what she said could truly hinder your continueing relationship, I would just tell her that. Also, make it very clear that all joking or kidding aside, if she was ever to say whatever she did in front of your son, that it would mean a termination of your social relationship. There's nothing wrong with setting boundaries in friendships.

Nico said...

I don't know why, bloglines didn't alert me to any of your last four posts until today???

Anyway, I think DD's advice is spot on. I'm sorry your friend made whatever comment she did. It must be really tough to have your mental picture of someone you thought you were close to make a radical shift. Hopefully it was just a brain fart and won't ever be repeated.

slinger said...

I think it would depend on the comment. But either way, I wouldnt like anyone talking about my kids. PLus, I think women hold grudges more than men.

As for the hormones, thank god I have more boys than girls in my house!