Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Cell phone pictures

The sun is a very intense red color right now.

This fire will be going over the mountaintop within the next 2 days.

On the right is normal clouds. On the left is smoke.

Driving into the smoke. Can you imagine how AWESOME it makes me feel to know that my kids are breathing that in?

I haven't had time to upload the pictures from my camera yet. I took these yesterday of the smoke clouds. Air quality is horrible up here right now. The difference between the blue sky and the black smoke blows me away. It makes me so sad to see...


Robin said...

Wow..that is incredibly scary! I hope it stays far away from you guys!

slinger said...

When I heard about the fires, I wondered if you were close to it. How far away from your house is it?

Jessie said...

The town I live in is currently surrounded. The closet fire is now 18 miles away. The furthest is 30 miles. We aren't in any immediate danger but the smoke is horrible. We are the nations number one fire priority right now. Yeah for being number one in something?!? It doesn't happen very often up here in the backwoods. We're more known for things like the Freemen and the unibomber.

Neurotic Grad Student said...

Thanks for the comment about Outback. We've also found a couple of local places that have a GF menu. Oh, and thank goodness for Pamela's and Bob's Red Mill!!

I hope your town and family stay safe and out of the fire.