Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Something to pass the time

I am completely addicted to Twitter. Seriously. Who knew that micro-blogging could be so fun? Of course, it's easy to be witty in 140 characters or less. Anybody else on there?

Besides that, my brain is taken up with the idea of a friend coming up to help me turn this into a porn blog. See what happens when you go without sunshine for long periods of time? You get consumed quite easily.


DD said...

I wish everyone would just STOP talking about how wonderful Twitter is. As soon as I figure that SOB out, no one will be using it...much like that waste of space, Facebook.

Why not twitter porn?

Jessie said...

What do you need to know? I'll help you learn! It's all about respect for my elders you know. ;-)

Oooh, twitter porn...good thought. That's why you rock!

Well-heeled mom said...

I'm so effing busy that I've never even heard of twitter. Sheesh. I need a life.