Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Just call me Popeye

The anemia is starting to resolve itself. My numbers have gone up almost a full point in the time since my last test. That's good! The not so good is that there is still 13 points to go to reach the low end of normal. And a week to do it in. This means lots of spinach for me. Oooh, and basically raw meat. Excuse me while I grab a fork.

Little Boy got hurt last night. He was attempting to get off of the trampoline and got hung up on the net. You know, the net that's there to prevent them from hurting themselves on the trampoline. Oh the irony, it slays me. His foot got caught and somehow he ended up dangling. He had net wrapped around his throat and underneath his left arm. We had a horribly long night last night with him in extreme pain. He did not go to school today. I took him to the dr. this morning. Between you and I, I felt very silly taking him in for a rope burn. Seriously...what could they do? But it turned out to be the right decision. He has 2nd-3rd degree burns underneath his arm. His neck is just a rope burn. So now we have dressings and ointments and creams and antibiotics because it's already infected.

Trampolines are the devil. Tramps and little girls.


DD said...

I'm glad to hear your FE levels are improving. I bitch about my little pill every night to get that extra point. I can't imagine how rough you might be feeling.

Again, trampolines are the devil's work. Get your kids a quad or something equally "safe".

Well-heeled mom said...

How bad a mother am I? My son has a tramp, a quad, and a seat swing that is suspended from a cable.

Nic said...

I am very glad to hear that your anemia seems to be getting better, and I hope it means that the rest of you gets the chance to get better soon too!