Sunday, June 01, 2008

Not enough creativity for a title.

I've not been in a place where I can put words to what I'm feeling. There are so many emotions running through my brain that to attempt to limit them to one or two sentences doesn't seem fair to the rest. Nothing has changed since the last time I wrote about it. I go to the dr. tomorrow to find out if the anemia is resolving itself. I am hopeful that it is. I am still very tired though. Having a hard time making it through the day. Sitting in my family room right now are 8 laundry baskets full of clean clothes and I physically cannot do anything about them.

We received a letter from the dr. office last week that told us what our portion (after insurance) of the surgery will be. They expect for that to be paid up front. Our insurance isn't bad but the dollar amount was slightly staggering. Not sure how we're going to handle that but we can only take it day by day. We'll figure it out.

I've decided to focus on having fun right now. We spent yesterday on the boat. Friday night we had a bonfire. I am surrounding myself with friends and family and fun. Things that require no thought.

Not thinking is just easier.

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Well-heeled mom said...

Waiting for an update. Hope things are looking better.