Friday, July 07, 2006

Blog? I have a blog?

You sure wouldn't think so with as much as I've been posting lately. Lots going on this week. First? Camping was AWESOME! Pictures will follow. Second? My sister in law gave birth to my beautiful nephew Zachary Michael on Monday. He's so gorgeous and looks only a little bit like an alien. Third? Much beer was consumed on the fourth and things were blown up in short order. Fourth? Work. Sucked. Fifth? Joe's pre-op eye appointment was today and he's cleared for surgery in a week. Now I'm scared. But, on the cool front, I found a papa smurf doll on E*Bay today that I bought for him. When he was little and going through his six surgeries, he always had a Papa Smurf doll with him. The doll would come out with an eye patch too. I found one today and bought it. It will be shipped to me before his surgery and I'll give it to him in the hotel before we leave for the hospital. Cheesy, I know but I'm hoping to take his mind off of the anxiety of everything.

More coming soon, more beer to drink tonight...not to mention UFC tomorrow night at my house! I hope Tito Ortiz kicks the crap out of Ken Shamrock and Tim Sylvia knocks Andrea Arlovski out!!

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