Thursday, July 20, 2006

Too tired for a title.

So it's been a week since my last post. Huh. Who would have thought? Life has been crazy. After the drugs wore off, Joe started to deteriorate. He got very very sick. He had a piece of tape go into his eye, underneath the bandages and scratch his cornea. This caused a ton of pain. He also reacted badly to the drugs and was throwing up for hours. We went to the dr. on friday morning and had the bandages taken off. As soon as we left his office, Joe started throwing up. I called the dr. and they just told us to have a nice trip home. The more I think about it, the angrier that makes me. They should NEVER have sent us 3 hours north with him as sick as he was. Of course, if the surgery had actually worked, I probably wouldn't be as mad. Yeah. That's the other thing. He still has no sight in that eye. If he had 5% vision before, he has 2% vision now. SO NOT WORTH THIS!!! The surgery was (up to the point) the biggest mistake. He's so down and in so much pain. We've both been up all night all week, lost in our own thoughts about this mess we now find ourselves in. So tired. Of course, he was back to work on Monday, teaching summer camps. He can put on such a brave face and then come home and collapse. It just sucks. He sits in a room with the blinds drawn and his sunglasses on. He is in so much pain. We thought that the vision would be immediate. We were told that he should be totally out of pain by Monday at the latest. We were told that there would be 20/40 vision, at the outside. We were told a bunch of things that haven't happened or have happened a different way. And now we are told that the dr. is on vacation this week so have fun, deal with it and we'll see you at your followup appointment. Which is this coming Monday. Joe has to have the stitches removed from his eye (which we were told would be all dissolvable sutures) and so hopefully we'll find out more info then.

Sorry this is so scattered and makes no sense. I'm just overwhelmed.

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