Friday, July 28, 2006

Hot enough?

Wow. Apparently, unknown to me, Montana has turned into hell. It is H.O.T. It is smoky. It is sucking. Still very very pretty and there are oh so many lakes and rivers and streams that it is still worth it's warm. We have an air conditioner in our basement so it stays fairly cool but upstairs? Pure Hell.

Having a yard sale tomorrow. Best Friend and I will be in the shade of the mountain ash tree in my front yard counting down until noon. Would it be tacky to have beer bottles in hand? Should we just pour it in cups?

Thank you for the emails asking how my husband is. He's improving slowly but surely. Dr. from big town down south just misinformed us of what it was supposed to look like and feel like for him. So, I guess this is normal. He's back to teaching full time. Home with little boy today and playing in the blow up pool in the back yard.

I've given up on my lawn this year. After living rural my whole life and having a "lawn" of sorts, this is my first subdivision with a real lawn. We like it pretty and green! But...see above about heat. Not so much willing to pay $$$$$ for water. That's another thing. I have always had my own well. Now I'm on city water. What the??? It trips me out that I have to pay for water.

That is all. Jessie is bored. Entertain me?


OneCrueGirl said...

I have a well, and yet my lawn has still parched its way into a slow and painful death. Go figure.

Elle said...

Glad to hear your husband is feeling better. Also so sorry the surgery didn't work. That blows big time!!

We usually let our lawn go after the 4th. Too many kids with fireworks around here that could set the parched earth ablaze.

Anonymous said...

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