Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Changing the title 'cause Robin said I should.

It's been a week since my last post? Huh. Yeah. Sorry about that. You'll be happy to know that Little Boy is feeling much better now. He did christen Joe's new truck with puke. That was lovely. So glad Daddy decided to pick him up. ;-)

Teenage Boy rocked it on Friday. There were 20 candidates and only 2 got A+ on the test. And of course, my boy was one of the two! Even with a horribly sprained ankle. And he competed in a tournament on Saturday where he free sparred (kicked the crap out of each other) the kid who is ranked number one in their division in the country. He lost, but only by one point. A very good weekend for him over all.

Work has been interesting. Lots of stuff going on. Mostly stuff that sucks. I'm hoping that I'm making entirely too big of a deal out of it.

On the upside, I picked up all of our layaway from a big box store today so Christmas shopping is done, for the most part.

I think that's it. Although it does seem like I'm forgetting to tell you something. Let me see...what could it be...seems like it might have been kind of important...hmmmm...oh yeah, that's right


Do you hear that noise? That's the angels singing.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Uhmm...I almost didn't read this post because it's called the same as your last post, dingdong!

Amen to the houseguest being gone and even more so for the no bra wearing. I guess you are classier than me because that would have only lasted a couple of days for me. He'd just have to deal with my swinging boobies.

Awesome news on the boy! You must be so proud. That's very cool.

Slinger said...

LOL. "sans bra" made me chuckle!