Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I loved Phil tonight. Tobacco Road rocked. (In my personal opinion, which I'm sure some will disagree with. Snot.)

Edited to add: Gina rocks. I love her. Her look, her hair, her voice, all of it. I love chicks who can rock.

Still very tired but all done with my long days. I'm going to sleep in tomorrow with sick Little Boy and not go into work until 10. That will absolutely rock. Rock the casbah.

Can you tell I've had wine? I love wine. And to whine. Whining is good too. And I'm tired. Oh so very tired. Too tired to really sleep. And that just sucks. But, on the up side, I'm american idolin' it and going to watch Bad Girls Club next.

Can I get a woot woot? Or whatever.


Robin said...

W00t! There ya go. Happy now?

Phil? Really?

Meh. He's okay-kind of boring. Truth be told, I'm not really feeling any of those people too much. Except maybe Chris, but still..I'm not wowed. Sanjaya. Can you explain this to me? I loved a boy with eyes like that once, so I guess that must be it cuz he otherwise kinda sucks.

Hope you and the little boy benefit from a late start tomorrow. I'm jealous.

Wine, whine and wine some more. You deserve it.

Well-heeled mom said...

MFH thinks Phil is gone. The Boy likes the beat box guy. Is that right? Beat box? Or is it beep bop? Whatever. I don't have a favorite since Sundance is gone.

Slinger said...

Wow, you work long days, are tired as hell, and you still choose to put yourself through the pain of AI? You are better, or dumber than I thought! :-P Kidding!