Thursday, November 16, 2006


That's the sound that my week has made. I have been too busy to come up for air. Work is nuts and we have a relative staying with us. It has been 5 days so far and I'm ready for him to move out. When is that going to happen? Yeah, that's the million dollar question. Who knows. I walked downstairs to my former family room and walked into a mess that looks like a mouse lives there and is very very happy. There were underwear lying on the ground. Just lying there. In the middle of my family room floor. I'm done. So done.

In other news...I have been promising to send some pictures to a new friend but haven't had a chance to take them yet. Rest assured, friend o'mine, reciprocation is coming.

That is all. I will update again when I have a chance. Still to come...the joy of driving on ice in the winter time and how our houseguest backed into a parked car and sent it into traffic. Fun!


DD said...

You need to find yourself a fake mouse and glue it to his underwear.

Maybe he won't even notice?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your week has been just as fun as mine!

I came home last night to "Oh, yeah, I invited my mom over for dinner..' Of course the house was a you know how that went. Ass!

Driving on the ice? No thanks.

Hang in there chica!

Anonymous said...

Is this house guest permanent? That sucks about the underwear, let's hope there were no skid marks! :o)

no ice here yet, but it is sure to come soon