Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dain Bramaged

Yeah! I win lamest post title ever! Woot! (that's for you, Robin)

I've had this little block thing going on. I just can't seem to wrap my brain around anything long enough to get a post formulated. It sucks but that's what it is.

In answer to your questions, Joe is going to the Philippines on a build trip. He is going to be hiking in to a tribe (we're not allowed to know which one yet) and building a church. One of the first buildings that this tribe will have with a complete foundation and real walls. Pretty cool. Then he gets to go to all these little villages and deliver shoeboxes. Have you ever heard of Operation Christmas Child? That's what he gets to do. That's going to be the really fun part. He digs kids so much and he's going to give them their first Christmas present ever in some cases. I'm feeling better about him going, mostly because I can't change it. Why fight it? I wouldn't want him to stay here. I know he's supposed to go so I know he'll be safe.

That's all I've got for you today. Joe's brother and his family are in from out of town so we've been swamped with familial duty. We ended up with all the kids at our house on Saturday night because Jason hit his head while we were sledding. He had a Grade 2 concussion and was hospitalized overnight. He's ok now and will have a great story to take back to the firestation in Southern Cali.

And now my brain is done.


Slinger said...

Well, that sounds cool, at least he is going there to help people, and that is awesome.

Robin said...

Well maybe I'm just lame, but I actually liked that blog title.


I'm glad Joe is getting to do something so positive and something he enjoys, plus build some good karma.

I'll keep him in my prayers (shut your mouth) for him to be safe and sound and for you to not drive yourself crazy with worry.