Saturday, January 27, 2007


Loic's body was recovered last night. They are not releasing any more information at this time. Sheriff Mike Meehan will be having a press conference at 3:00 today to give more details.

This heartbreaking story has come to a tragic end. I can only hope...actually, I don't know what to hope for. The worst has happened. Does it really matter how it came to that conclusion? Would it make me feel better to think that he froze because I can't handle the idea of someone intentionally hurting him? But if that was the case, wouldn't they have found him sooner? They had more than 200 people looking for him for the last 3 days. No stone unturned.

His family is having to go through the hardest thing they will ever experience right now. They have my thoughts and my prayers. Please do the same.

UPDATE: I just found out the details. He was found underneath a tarp in a wood pile less than 10 feet from the garage of the house. He was playing hide & seek apparently. With the temperatures the way they were that night, being in the frozen wood and unable to breathe properly under the tarp, they think that he fell asleep within 5 minutes (they originally thought 15 but they've changed that). After that? He just didn't wake up. It's still so horribly sad. Why didn't he answer his daddy???

SECOND UPDATE: The original details that we were given were wrong. The Sheriff's office issued an incorrect press release. (how does that happen? think somebody might be fired on monday?) He was not under a tarp in a wood pile. He was in the septic tank. They are not sure how he got there. Right now it doesn't look like he was placed there by someone else. There is going to be a huge investigation into the sewer cap and how he got there. It's horrible and tragic. They have the same sewer line that we have and the septic caps are not good. We had to have ours replaced last summer because it kept popping open. It was hinged on one side which is a lame design, IMO. If they had the same kind, there is a chance that he opened it up to look inside and fell. Then it would have fallen closed behind him and no one would have seen that it looked different. They have already done the autopsy and the cause of death was drowning.

It's horrible.

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DD said...

I told my husband about this story this morning before you updated. I am so sad to hear the news. Why didn't someone look under the tarp? My heart is breaking.