Monday, May 19, 2008

Long story short...

Severe Anemia of unknown origin.
Other basic medical fun thanks to PCOS.
Stat ultrasound performed last Friday.
Mass of unknown origin with massive blood supply (hence anemia, I'm assuming) located in uterus.
Not presenting as a fibroid or a polyp because of lack of shadowing (WTF does that mean exactly?)
Surgery scheduled for today. Of course, our secretary is on vacation so have to reschedule for next week sometime. Dr. not happy about reschedule. Throws around words like time and essence and cancer.

Note to self. Do not google link between PCOS and uterine cancer. Bad idea.

Trying to see this as an instant weight loss tool. Mass is size of grapefruit. Imagine how much that must weigh!

Kinda losing my shit a little bit.


Robin said...

What the holy hell? Fuck work and fuck the secretary being on need to get in there STAT. If I was there I would totally kick your ass.

I'm worried about better call me if you need ANYTHING! To vent, to cry, to tell you to stay the hell away from Google..whatever. Anytime day or night, I'm not sleeping anyway and have nothing but time until Thursday morning...even after then I can multi-task. Seriously.

DD said...

Ditto what Robin said about kicking your ass. Your employer can't make due one damn day?

Girl, that is some kind of scary shit right there. Would you mind if I just hoped it was a grapefruit? I know you are into some crazy shit, but jesus, I didn't think it reached into fruit obsession.

(Thinking, thinking, thinking of you)