Thursday, May 15, 2008

The things that drive me nuts

1. Men. No explanation necessary, I'm sure.

2. Work. Once again, see explanation to #1.

3. Teenagers. The sighs. The eye rolls. The huffing. The puffing.

4. Kindergarteners. The sighs. The eye rolls. The huffing. The puffing. All with added crying!

5. Rain and snow. I know I live in Montana. I'm sick of whining about it. It's time for sunshine. Seriously.

Things that I'm loving...

1. My kids. Along with the sighs and the eye rolls and the huffing and the puffing and the crying, they are still damn cute and funny. If not for them, you would have read about me in the paper a long time ago.

2. Beer. Wine. Everything that gets me through the night. ;-)

3. The weather forecast is calling for sunshine and 85 this weekend. If that is true, I will be on a lake on a boat with Ky. And beer. Even though we will probably frighten everyone around with our pasty asses, it will be worth it. Oh so worth it.

The weather forecast had better be right...

1 comment:

Nic said...

Those are some pretty nut inducing things. I can imagine, anyway.

i hope that mother nature comes through and you do get your nice warm day. Everything seems so much better on a nice warm day when you can sit outside and sip a nice glass of wine while watching the sunset. Aaaaahhhhhh.