Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The state of things

Sticking with statements because it's just easier.

Dr. appointment today.
Hemoglobin and hematocrit actually going down. This is not good.
Cannot do surgery right now because I am so anemic and my body is so taxed with that there is a real possibility I would not make it through surgery.
The original plan of surgery on Monday was before my latest round of tests.
Cannot have blood transfusion to correct the anemia because of the type of anemia I have. My blood will not bond with transfused blood.
Non bonding blood = non clotting blood.
Non clotting blood + surgery=bad bad things for Jessie

So what's the plan?

Have to take mega doses of iron and other assorted pills and try to get the anemia resolved on its own.
Once that is resolved will have biopsy.
What that says will determine next step.
Biopsy tentatively scheduled for June 13. Depending on my stupid blood, of course.

So that's where we are. Still knowing nothing. Oh wait...we do know something else.

Dr. said she is 47% confidant that I don't have cancer. She came up with that number only because of my age. Apparently that's pretty much what I've got going for me right now.

How about them odds?


Brad said...

Prayers are with you...

DD said...

Belly up to the iron bar, girl, and let's hope that you get to a stable point soon.

Thanks for the boob squish yesterday.

Robin said...

Well...that kind of sucks. But ya know what? Your age is a good thing this time.

BTW..of course I have a room for you here....I suck at texting. And staying away apparently.

I'll talk to you tomorrow. Hang in there!

Well-heeled mom said...

I am very sorry to hear this. I will have positive thoughts for you!

Nic said...

Thinking of you during this very very difficult time. Hoping for nothing but the best possible outcome...