Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Elmer Fudd is my idol.

We seem to be surviving without Joe. The day to day stuff is going pretty well. I'm exhausted though. I forget just how hard it is to be both mom and dad to two kids when you're used to having a partner. I miss him. I wake up every night 4 or 5 times...just feeling like something is missing. I have gotten to talk to him quite a bit though and he's having a marvelous time. Already planning on when he wants to go back and bring me too. We're looking at 2 years. Oh...here's a funny...he's been working at some orphanages while he's down there. He wants to start looking into adopting a baby. Yep. Adoption is something that has always been on our minds and in our hearts. Obviously. Teenage Boy is adopted but it's a different situation because biologically, he belongs to Joe. But this is something that he really would like to think about together. So...that's a lot to digest. I wouldn't be adverse to it, I don't think. I'm actually kind of excited about talking more to him when he gets home. We'll see.

I have a bad cold. I'm sounding like Elmer Fudd. He totally rocks, by the way. He set the standard for germ ridden disc jockeys everywhere. He pulls off the nasal congestion so well. And I might be a little bit high from the cold medicine, did I mention that?

My baby is officially growing up. Little Boy had his first sleepover at a friend's house last weekend. He did really well! Slept better than he does at home. And later too. Which is stupid. He's supposed to get up really early when he's at someone else's house! But no, he slept until 8:30. I'm glad he had fun. But he's only 4. I'm just not ready for him to grow up yet, I don't think.

Work is super busy. My next scheduled day off is the day that Joe gets home. February 17. That will make 12 days in a row at the station. On the up side, Saturday and Sunday are only a few hours each day. We have an on air auction on Saturday and I work my last Sunday shift this week, which is only 3 hours. But still. Oi. I'm tired already.

I need some advice from y'all. (Really? I just typed that? And I'm leaving it? I am falling into so many Montana stereotypes right now.) I need healthy, EASY meals for my kids and I. I am really quite ready to start forcing them to eat better but I need to have the time to do it. Any suggestions?

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DD said...

I'm guessing you want something with a little more substance than buttered bread or hot dogs??

Sorry. I got nothin.