Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Parenting sucks sometimes.

Teenage Boy has gotten himself into a whole crapload of trouble. EVERYTHING out of his mouth is a lie. He has a 35% in his English class. He has skipped detentions because he didn't tell me he had them.

He has lost his cell phone.

His mp3 player.

His computer.

His swimming lessons.

He is in the process of cleaning out his room. All he will have in there is clothes and his bed. We're hoping that hitting rock bottom will wake him up. This sucks. And he doesn't seem to give a rip. He cried at first but it just seems to annoy him more than anything.

Why am I more affected by this than he is? I want so badly for him to do well. I want so badly for him to feel pride in himself. To be a man of integrity. To have his yes' mean yes and his no's mean no.

When I wake up tomorrow, could they both be happy, well adjusted grown men, please?


DD said...

As my husband and I learn how to deal with a very child with a very clear sense of autonomy, I begin to worry more and more about the future.

How am I going to deal with grades? Teasing? Girls? Sneaking around?

Can't they just stay babies forever?

DD said...

(Uh, yeah. That first "very"? Let's pretend I proofread that, mmkay?)

Well-heeled mom said...

Right now The Boy knows that lying is not an option. You don't know how badly I hope it stays that way.