Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Not so cavalier

So remember when I said that we were doing well without Joe? Yeah. That was just yesterday? My how things change. I'm tired. I'm sick. I'm ready to not have to be "on duty" all the time. I do have a renewed respect for single parents though. Who takes care of them when they're sick? I just want homemade chicken noodle soup with the real thick noodles. Unfortunately, nobody to make it for me. Oh my gosh, I am such a whiner.

Amer*can Idol comes on in 1/2 hour. That should be good for some mindless entertainment. I kinda feel bad for the clueless ones. I think that their friends need to be hung up to dry. Putting them out there to be humiliated. What kind of a friend is that?

In other news, a bloggy friend of mine is really hurting right now. Just know, dear one, that if there is anything I can do, you have but to ask. I'm sorry for your pain. I wish I could create a band aid that would be effective. Or that I lived closer so I could help you numb your senses.


DD said...

Maybe hot chocolate w/baileys would fix both our ills?

Robin said...

On Duty All The Time. I understand that all too well...and I'm NOT a single parent!

I always wonder about those fools on that show and their friends and family. NO ONE told them they can't sing before those judges? Come on!

I think actually got to watch about 3/4 of the entire show and that never happens.

Anonymous said...

I know single parents do it because they have no other choice, but I am with you. I can't imagine being responsible for They Boy on my own all the time. Yes, I am the primary caregiver - but I can hand that off if I need to.

We missed AI last night - that channel was out. We were so disappointed. I wanted to see the dorkiest of the dorks.


Nancy said...

Today I decided to check in with those who signed up for the walking challenge last month. I see you've been having a hard time. My husband is in the military and used to be gone A LOT. Parenting two children, especially preschoolers, without him is not fun and SO tiring. I hope you are feeling better soon. Feel free to come log any walking miles anytime you are up to it.