Monday, February 12, 2007

Lots of little updates

It has been 16 days since Joe left the country. Actually, except for a few days (and minutes and hours every day) here and there, we've done remarkably well. It has been odd though. I never really realized how much the hub of our family he really is. Slinger, take note...even if you don't think you're important, you are. I bought a little cassette recorder that Little Boy has been recording into every day. He's putting things on there that he wants to tell Daddy. The night before I bought this (thanks for the idea, Mom!) he woke me up in the middle of the night just sobbing. I asked him what was wrong and he said, "I just can't remember what I want to tell Daddy!" Broke my heart. The recorder was a great idea. Last Thursday, he was being very naughty at bedtime. He wouldn't go to bed. He finally said that he just wanted to talk to Daddy. So I let him record. He put that recorder to his mouth and said, "Daddy, I'm trying to be really good but I'm just so very, very naughty..." He cracks me up.

Joe did buy a satellite phone while he was gone. I've talked to him frequently. They have been having an awesome time. They have delivered a ton of shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. They were able to go to a children's hospital. Joe was so affected by this. He was telling me about how lucky we are. If the parents didn't have the money up front, their children did not get the medicine. He just text messaged me and told me that one of the baby girl's he saw just died. She had a diaper rash. Her parent's couldn't afford any medicine. A diaper rash. Such a waste.

We are doing better. Maybe it's the wine speaking but we are doing better today. We only have until Saturday and they'll be home. I'm ready to run away!

And I'm done. Too tired to type more. Funny how that is.


Anonymous said...

We just take so much for granted here. Diaper rash medicine? What - $3.00? Who doesn't have that? Until you've been in a situation to witness these things, and I have, you would never believe it actually happens. It does. And it is so, so sad.


Slinger said...

Yeah it is amazing...we were gone for only 5 days, and every time I talked to Ryan he sounded so grown up, but it was awesome.

That recorder idea is great! I may use that!

Slinger said...

one day when I was working late, MamaSlinger had Ryan call me and leave me a voicemail - it was the best! I still have it saved.